Aqua SPA

In Aqua Spa, you will live in an atmosphere that helps you feel completely comfortable and relaxing within the various health facilities that are provided for you within large areas equipped with the latest tools, accompanied by highly qualified supervisors and trainers for men and women .
The Aqua Spa is the ideal haven to live the atmosphere of relaxation required for the body, where the Spa is equipped with a modern Jacuzzi with a wonderful design, saunas and steam rooms, and many bathrooms are equipped to meet all types of bodies and skin, such as luxurious Turkish baths, Moroccan baths, Oud and amber baths, and coffee baths to feel the warmth of feelings and lasting happiness And superior personal care in the hands of the most skilled specialists, which is enough to make you want to repeat the experience again .
The spa is equipped with a women’s salon characterized by the availability of the best products and hair technicians. The salon offers all hair services from hair dyeing, highlights, haircuts, hair treatments, permanent hair protein, in addition to manicure, pedicure and nail enhancement sessions (nail extensions), in addition to a men’s salon to take care of elegance and form of men which contains lots of services such as hair cutting and beard trimming to look fresh, elegant and classy.
The spa is characterized by private indoor swimming pools, terraces, hot tiles and a special natural massage that gives you a sense of complete relaxation and makes you feel the luxury of the place and the high-end and distinctive hotel service that you will only find in Opal Hotel .