Weddings Halls and Meeting Rooms

A unique world of luxury filled with warmth and happiness can be found in the Opal hotel ballrooms, a set of the largest and the most luxurious and modern ballrooms in Jordan, where the hotel contains four main ballrooms which are carefully and diligently designed under the supervision of professional engineers to captivate visitors with their spectacular decors and eye-catching bright colors. These ballrooms are ideal for holding your celebrations and occasions under the supervision of a trained team that has vast experience in the world of hotels and is specialized in hosting weddings and special occasions.

The ballrooms are characterized by their vast spaces, independent entrances, and high ceilings and are equipped with all means of service, comfort, and safety.

We provided you with all of the necessities and services that meet your needs and suit your high tastes.  We promise to make your dream “night of your life” come true. The Imperial Hall – a world of magic and fantasy - and Masaya Hall - the most beautiful beginning for your happiness, the luxurious Palace Hall, the Opera and Petra Halls, and other halls equipped with various spaces, magnificent designs, and amazing artistic touches equipped with all audiovisual means required for holding conferences and meetings for you and your guests with the attention and services that you deserve.

The Imperial Hall can take up to 270 people/ Palace Hall can take up to 400 people/ Masaya Hall can take 200 people/ halls for men/ Opera Hall can take 90 people/ Petra Hall can take 110 people/ Opera and Petra Hall can take 150 people and above.

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